Unveiling Forta’s
FORT Token

As part of its mission to monitor all transactions and protect all assets in Web3, Forta is unveiling the FORT Token: an incentive structure to secure its monitoring network, allowing Forta to grow and secure the Web3 ecosystem as a whole. FORT Token is not live yet.

Article by Forta Network May. 3, 2022 View post

Iron Bank using Forta for real-time threat detection

Iron Bank is a decentralized protocol-to-protocol lending platform, allowing selected protocols to borrow funds with little to no collateral requirements. When we met the Iron Bank team, they expressed a desire to build on their existing security practices , including the use of run-time monitoring and active threat detection solutions like Forta.  IB’s commitment to security […]

Article by Forta May. 3, 2022

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Article by Forta Mar. 21, 2022

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