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How Web3 uses Forta


Web3 wallets can use the Scam Detector to screen pre-signed transactions and protect users from scams.

Security &

Security and compliance teams can supplement their existing data with the Scam Detector, staying up to date on the latest threats.

DeFi Protocols
& Bridges

DeFi can use the Attack Detector and taylormade bots to detect potential exploits as early as possible and react before funds are drained or exploited.


Asset Managers can use the Attack Detector to receive real-time alerts for threats impacting their positions, and enabling capital preserving actions.

Selected Exploits Detected by Forta

Yearn Finance

$11 Million

One of iearnfinance's old vaults suffered a flashloan attack. Thanks to advances in machine learning, Forta detected the hack 20+ minutes before funds were drained.

Euler Finance

$197 Million

Forta’s monitoring detected the largest attack of 2023 in advance, before $197 million were drained. Despite Euler’s six audits and a bug bounty program, the protocol was still vulnerable to attacks.


$3.3 Million

Forta successfully flagged the $3.3M SushiSwap attack, identifying RouteProcessor2 as the compromised contract after several Forta alerts fired on suspicious contracts discovered.

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The Forta Network uses a combination of heuristics and
machine learning to identify malicious activity

Deep Learning
Anomaly Detection
Supervised Classification
Graph Neural Networks
Time-series Anomaly Detection

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