Alchemy and Forta Team Up to Provide Forta Scan Node Infrastructure

Article by Forta Network Oct. 17, 2022

Forta is excited to announce that Alchemy, one of the largest and most trusted blockchain infrastructure platforms, is teaming up with Forta to provide a superior node running experience.

Alchemy is the leading web3 blockchain development platform, offering powerful tools to simplify and expedite dApp development, saving countless hours for Web3 engineers. Using Alchemy to run your Forta nodes will grant you the accuracy, reliability, and data consistency of Supernode, Alchemy’s proprietary blockchain engine used by leading web3 and tech companies like OpenSea, Royal, Meta, and Adobe.

“Alchemy has proven to be an incredibly successful and useful infrastructure provider for Web3, and we at the Forta Foundation are proud to have brought them in as partners. By working closely with best-in-class RPC providers such as Alchemy we hope to optimize the Forta scan node running experience.” Andy Beal ecosystem lead at Forta.

Alchemy’s Growth tier is the perfect platform for node runners looking to upgrade their RPC experience on the Forta Network. Thanks to this new partnership, Forta scan node runners can enjoy 10% off of Alchemy’s growth tier. You can walk through the process of setting up your scan node with Alchemy in Forta’s new Alchemy docs page.

Features included in Alchemy’s growth tier:

Alchemy Testnet APIs
Alchemy Supernode for Mainnet
Alchemy Notify
Alchemy Monitor
Alchemy Build
Enhanced APIs and Websockets
Standard Throughput – 660 compute units per second
Dashboard access (10 user licenses included)

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