Blowfish Leverages Forta to Provide Unique Threat Intel to Wallets 

Article by Forta Network Oct. 19, 2023

Forta is the largest network of security intel in Web3. The decentralized Forta Network leverages machine learning to detect exploits, scams and other threats. 

In an industry where securing digital assets is paramount, Blowfish takes a significant stride by utilizing Forta threat intelligence to augment their Web3 security platform. Blowfish is leveraging Forta’s Scam Detector to protect wallet users from scams, phishing, rug pulls, address poisoning, and other attacks that cost users millions of dollars.

Forta’s fully productized Scam Detector is the clear choice for wallets and compliance companies. With 15+ scam types covered across seven networks and thousands of addresses and URLs flagged each month, the choice of Forta as your threat intelligence provider should be clear. Check out the Scam Detector on the Forta App and apply for a one-month free trial.

Blowfish has established its platform to aid wallets in protecting users across 10+ blockchain networks by blocking dangerous dapps, simplifying on-chain transactions and messages, and warning users about potential risks at signature.

This crucial integration is poised to significantly enhance Blowfish’s safety net for users. As acknowledged by Blake Henderson, Head of Product at Blowfish, “Forta provides a range of valuable risk signals. We’re excited to continue working with the Forta Network.” underlining the indispensable role of Forta’s unique detection data in augmenting their security measures.

Forta Network’s threat intelligence stands out for their precision and reliability, providing a crucial layer of protection that empowers users and projects with the necessary information to avoid malicious on-chain actors. This Forta use case is slated to offer wallets a more comprehensive safeguard by melding Forta’s industry-leading signals with Blowfish’s existing security sources. 

About Forta

The Forta Network is a decentralized network that monitors public blockchains for exploits, scams and other security-related activity. The network generates real-time intelligence used by leading Web3 wallets, compliance companies, centralized exchanges, and DeFi protocols among others. To learn more, please visit

About Blowfish

Blowfish’s web3 security platform helps wallets protect their users against hacks, scams, and mistakes across 10+ chains with a three pronged approach:

– Block harmful dapps at connection time. Never let a user visit a dangerous domain again
– Simplify transactions & messages. Help users preview every action before it occurs on-chain
– Automatically warn users about danger at signature time. Give your users peace of mind by accessing combined risk signals from 10+ providers with 1 integration

Wallets choose Blowfish’s security platform because it is accurate, blazingly fast, and already battle-tested by leading companies in the space. Explore Blowfish here!