FORT Delegated Staking Goes Live

Article by Forta Network Feb. 27, 2023

Forta is the standard for real-time threat detection and security monitoring of blockchain activity. The decentralized Forta Network scans all transactions and block-by-block state changes, leveraging machine learning to detect threats and anomalies on DeFi, NFTs, bridges, governance and other Web3 systems. When an issue is detected, subscribers are instantly alerted, enabling them to take action and minimize loss of funds.

Today, one of the FORT token’s primary utility use cases is now available for all to use. Delegated staking, as approved in FP-4, is now live in the Forta Network. The protocol itself and the Forta App has been modified to support the new delegated staking smart contracts opening up a new world of opportunity for Network participants. Starting today, FORT holders may now delegate within scan node pools and earn rewards in the Forta App

Delegated Staking Overview

This change is critical for the Network in a number of ways. Primarily, delegated staking adds an additional layer of security to the network by reinforcing the economic incentives for positive and negative actions within the protocol. With the raising of the maximum stake per node to 15,000 FORT, node runners and delegators can put more on the line than ever before to secure the network and earn rewards. To get started, jump into the Forta App or view the comprehensive delegation guide in the Forta docs.

Scan node rewards will now be shared among node operators and delegators. Node operators will be able to specify a commission percentage that will be distributed separately from delegator rewards. For more details on the specific changes to the rewards formula, check out the Forta docs rewards page. Built with security in mind and comprehensively audited by Consensys Diligence, Forta’s new delegated staking architecture is sure to be a new secure gold standard of the mechanism.

Discover, Decide, Delegate.

Inside the updated Forta App you can find a lists tab, where FORT holders can discover all scan node pools across Forta’s seven supported networks. 

From there, it is up to you to decide the best fit for your staking goals based on projected rewards, reliability, and other historical data. 

Once your pool is chosen you can delegate, manage your stake, and claim rewards. 

For a comprehensive guide on how you can delegate stake to secure the Forta Network, click here. Note that in order to participate, all FORT must first be bridged to Polygon.

All other frontend changes also take place within the Forta App. Node operators additionally have unique profile pages to manage pools, stake, and claim rewards. Across the Forta App, six new pages that comprise the delegated staking offering: the scanner pool list, delegator list, node runner profile, scanner pool profile, delegator profile, and the delegation tab. To learn how to create your own pool, head over to the Forta docs.