Develop, Innovate, Earn: Premium Feed Opportunities on Forta Network

Article by Forta Network Aug. 24, 2023

Forta is a real-time detection network for security monitoring of blockchain activity. The decentralized Forta Network scans all transactions and block-by-block state changes, leveraging machine learning to detect threats and anomalies on wallets, DeFi, NFTs, bridges, governance and other Web3 systems. When issues are detected, Web3 infrastructure can respond to prevent attacks via transaction screening and incident response.

The Forta Network is opening the door to revenue sharing with developers and contributors. By integrating a fee system, developers now have a direct avenue to profit from their contributions to the Network. Developers can now easily create Premium Feeds, elevated and quality controlled detection bots (not available in Forta’s General Plan), and receive 100% of the recurring revenue. Simply put: create a feed that the market needs, and you stand to earn from it.

Before diving into the development, it’s essential for developers to perform market research to ensure you are addressing a genuine gap in the market. For those considering creating a feed, the following questions might guide the process:

1. Is there a demand for this kind of feed? If so, who’s asking for it and how much will they pay?
2. What’s the anticipated upkeep after development?
3. What’s the best strategy to market and highlight the feed’s value?

Existing Premium Feeds

Scam Detector Feed: Tracks scams and scammer indicators such as URLs and addresses. 

Token Spam Feed: Highlights spam tokens through URLs and addresses.

Hard Rugpull Feed: Monitors hard rugpulls via Solidus Lab’s Token Sniffer product.

Uncharted Waters: Potential Feed Avenues

Positive Reputation Feed: Flags smart contract addresses and EOAs based on various criteria like historical DeFi transactions, wallet creation date, and more.

Entity Categorization: A system akin to Etherscan. It classifies and tags addresses under overarching categories like MEV trader, DEX, CEX, NFT trader, and more.

Financial Risk Feed: A feed specifically designed to calculate the financial risk associated with contract addresses.

Sybil Feed: A resilient feed for EOA addresses, akin to the GitCoin Passport, which can prove invaluable for actions like airdrops.

AML Feed: Encompassing both addresses and fund flows, this feed can track the progression of funds from a set point of origin. It also includes a unique feature called ‘Chain Hopping’, where scams executed on one chain can have their proceeds transferred to another.

Protocol Specific Relevant Events Feed: A unique feed dedicated to each protocol. This allows liquidity providers and token holders affiliated with a protocol to receive pertinent alerts on critical events such as dramatic changes in TVL and rates, governance proposals, and others.

On-Chain Pairs Feed: A bot specifically designed to observe a sudden increase in on-chain pairs, a phenomenon usually seen after a centralized exchange lists a token.

The Bigger Picture

The Forta Network represents a boundless expanse of potential for developers worldwide to build valuable data streams based on on-chain data to generate revenue. While the Forta Foundation has traditionally zeroed in on threat intelligence, the overarching theme of Forta remains unbounded and permissionless. With new incentives unlocking further frontiers, finance emerges as one of many pertinent use cases that seamlessly integrates with Forta’s platform.

To recap, in order to create a premium feed you must already have an existing Forta detection bot. You can easily build bots in Javascript and Python with Forta’s SDK, head over to the developer’s quick start guide to get a holistic overview of development, deployment, and bot examples. All premium feeds must meet the Forta Network’s staking requirements and provide desired name of Premium Plan, proof of bot ownership and owner name, price in FORT or USDC, performance information, documentation, compatible licensing, and owner wallet address for fee recipient. Once developers meet the above requirements, the Premium Feed candidate can be submitted to Forta Forum for evaluation and approval. A complete overview of Premium Feed requirements can be found here.

Develop, innovate, and earn. On the Forta Network, the horizons are boundless.