Forta Node Staking Parameters Increase on September 30, 2022

Article by Forta Network Jul. 5, 2022

The Forta Network currently has 3,500+ active scan nodes that have earned more than 3.6 million FORT tokens for their work. Nodes are running 700+ detection bots across seven respective blockchains, providing alerts to 10,000+ Forta alert subscribers and helping the network further its mission to monitor all transactions and protect all assets in Web3. 

Beginning September 30, 2022, the minimum FORT token stake requirement for a Forta node will be increased from 500 FORT to 2,500 FORT in order to bolster the security of the Network. If the economic cost of running a Forta node falls too low, the Network would be at a higher risk of a sybil attack or other malicious actions. The maximum stake for nodes has already been adjusted proportionally, which is now set at 3,000 FORT. The updated node staking parameters will apply across all blockchains the Forta Network supports.

A Forta scan node scans all transactions and block-by-block state changes for outlier transactions and threats. So long as a scan node maintains the minimum stake of FORT tokens, it will be assigned detection bots by Forta’s work assigner (smart contract/algorithm) and that node will be able to earn FORT token rewards, so long as it meets the Network SLAs. When the detection bots identify their respective condition or event, the Forta Network emits alerts to subscribers notifying them of potential risks, which enables them to take action. If a node does not broadcast accurate alerts or participates in other malicious behavior, its FORT stake can be slashed and the node will automatically be disabled if its stake has fallen below the minimum node stake requirement. To learn more about scan nodes and detection bots, please read the Forta Docs.

The Forta Governance Council approved raising the node staking parameters following a review of trends in Forta scan node participation and the network growth rate, informed further by recommendations from industry leading node operators. The broader Forta community is encouraged to continue the discussion around Network parameters by bringing any comments, questions or other feedback to the Forta Forum

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– Operate a Scan Node to earn FORT token rewards (learn how in the Docs)
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