Stopping Hacks Before They Happen with Hacken and Forta

Article by Forta Network Mar. 6, 2024

Forta is the largest network of security intel in Web3. The decentralized Forta Network leverages machine learning and a community of security researchers to detect exploits, scams and other threats.     

In 2023, the cryptocurrency sector faced a dire situation with $1.9 billion lost to cyber-attacks, a 14% increase from the previous year, emphasizing the urgent need for enhanced security measures. Thankfully, the integration of Forta’s Attack Detector into Hacken Extractor marks a significant advancement in addressing this need, helping bridge the gap in post-deployment security for smart contracts.

Integration Highlights

Real-time Threat Detection: Forta’s Attack Detector leverages machine learning and heuristic analysis to proactively identify potential threats, enhancing Hacken Extractor’s security monitoring capabilities without requiring additional setup from users.

Comprehensive Monitoring: This collaboration provides continuous, real-time on-chain monitoring, aiming to preemptively address security threats and potentially prevent significant financial losses.

Predictive Monitoring Success: In 2023, Forta monitoring detected 75% of major on-chain hacks, including 42% before exploitation, showcasing the effectiveness of predictive threat detection.

Enhanced Security Through Collaboration

The collaboration between Forta and Hacken Extractor marks a significant advancement in available blockchain security solutions, integrating Hacken Extractor’s comprehensive security framework with Forta’s cutting-edge detection capabilities to forge a formidable defense against cryptocurrency threats. By uniting strengths, Hacken and Forta endeavor to deliver unparalleled security solutions that keep pace with the rapidly evolving threat landscape. 

Forta Attack Detector

Forta’s Attack Detector stands at the forefront of real-time smart contract security, leveraging an advanced combination of heuristics, machine learning, and contributions from a global community of top-tier security researchers. Designed for leading DeFi protocols and discerning investors, Forta’s Attack Detector offers the most reliable, actionable alerts in the market, ensuring minimal false positives and maximal operational continuity for your business. Subscribe to Forta’s Attack Detector in the Forta App.

Hacken Extractor

Hacken Extractor is an advanced on-chain smart contract security monitoring system that provides real-time monitoring of your smart contracts and alerts you of any suspicious activity to prevent potential hacks. With Hacken Extractor, you can rest assured that your smart contracts are secure, and take immediate action if any security threats are detected. Experience the power and convenience of Extractor firsthand with a 30-day free trial.