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Economics & Rewards

How do developers and companies earn rewards?

Learn how the network’s revenue is distributed to bot developers Review


Rewards Leaderboard

See the top earning developers, and learn more about their detection bots


Developer Grants

Explore grant opportunities to earn additional rewards


Learn and Get Started

A curated list of the top Forta guides and tutorials


Quickstart Guide

Your step-by-step guide to building your first detection bot.

Create a Bot

Video Tutorials

Are you a visual learner?
Watch these introductory videos to learn how to build your first detection bot.


Detection Bot Examples

Need some inspiration?
Check out some examples from experienced bot developers.


Advanced Techniques

Development Patterns

From error monitoring and simulations to time series analysis and machine learning models, learn more about best practices for bot development.


Machine Learning on Forta

Datasets, resources and guidelines for incorporating machine learning techniques into your detection bots.


Useful Libraries

Hit the ground running with existing tools and libraries developed by the Forta community


What the community is building with Forta

Forta’s Tools

Bot Wizard

A no-code tool for creating Forta detection bots in minutes - or seconds if you’re fast

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Forta Bot CLI

Tap into the command-line interface to develop your first bot 

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Hardhat plugin

Integrate Forta in your existing Hardhat project and keep your detection logic right next to the smart contracts it will be monitoring

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Forta Explorer

Explore active bots and alert activity on the network

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